BARTubeless takes part in the Gibraltar Race 2019 with Renato Zocchi’s X-ADV

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Bart Factory wheels are running the 2019 edition of Gibraltar Race, the amateurs motorally that runs through Europe from East to West, from Baltic to Atlantic, from Gdańsk (Poland) to Fisterra (Spain). The Italian rider Renato Zocchi chose our tubeless wheels for his Honda X-ADV, an innovative motorbike that combines for the first time the performance and the adventurous soul of an off-road bike with the practicality and comfort of maxi-scooters.

Renato Zocchi with his X-ADV

Zocchi’s X-ADV frame and engine are standard, while the suspension balance has been adjusted and calibrated for extreme off-road. As for the wheels, the choice fell on the Bart Factory’s tubeless spoked ones, that are able to guarantee the performance and reliability required in races such the Gibraltar, due to extremely variable weather conditions and road surfaces: they feature CNC hubs with ergal alloy spacer, double and triple hermetically sealed 2RS bearings, “Bulldog” oversized inox spokes, isosceles spoke lacing, Excel rims with BARTubeless® system and Anlas “Capra X” tubeless tires.

Our exclusive, well-oiled BARTubeless® system that comes as standart on all our wheels, prevents air leaking from spoke holes making it possible to combine the greater structural strength of the isosceles lacing with the safety and maneuverability of a tubeless tire. Zocchi said:

sezione di raggiatura
The isosceles lacing

The tires are Anlas Capra X, the perfect mix for long distances on-road and off-road, mounted on BARTubeless wheels.

Renato Zocchi is now a veteran of the Gibraltar Race, as he won numerous special tests in previous editions, winning in 2018 the 8th place overall and 3rd of category riding the Honda X-ADV maxi-scooter. He says enthusiastically: «Last year at the Gibraltar Race I had a great time. Carrying out such a long raid with a maxiscooter, even if as exceptional as XADV, was very demanding, but it gave me some very strong emotions. “

But the partnership between Zocchi and Honda is not limited to Gibraltar Race: «With the support of Honda I already taken part in the Sardinia Gran Tour, I am going to start the Gibraltar Race and I will ride both the Hard Alpi Tour and Transitalia Marathon in the Adventure Riding team». Moreover, the Italian rider boasts a outstanding curriculum: Official Pilot for Cagiva, 3rd place at 1979 World Motocross Championship and winner of several Italian national prizes, he was also a winner at the Rallye des Pharaons Rally, 2nd place at Bahia 1000 and steadily leading the Paris Dakar ranking.

I face this adventure with the same spirit as the last year: prudence and… gas! Hoping to see also the Finisterre lighthouse!
Renato Zocchi with his X-ADV Gibraltar Race 2019 opening day in Gdańsk .

The first part of the race has already started from Gdańsk on June 21st. You can follow Renato Zocchi’s adventure on his social profiles: