compatibilty table

BARTubeless® is suitable for almost any type of spoked wheels. However, different motorcycle models may require specific solutions. In the table below there is a list of models with the relative solutions we have already tested and wich we currently offer. If your bike does not fall under those listed below, please contact us for more information.


BARTubeless® only

we mean the application of the BARTubeless® system only on the customer's rims. In some models it is necessary to replace the original rim: in these cases we offer alternatively our conversion bundles that include rim replacement or our complete wheelsets.


BARTubeless® conversion bundles

our conversion bundles include the replacement of the standard rims without hump edge (usually the front one), BARTubeless® on both wheels and additional services designed for the most common needs of motorcyclists, such as spoke replacement, centering and balancing, at advantageous prices.
available bundles


complete wheelsets

pairs of high performance, complete spoked wheels for the most extreme uses, tubeless–ready with preinstalled BARTubeless® system, customizable colors, plug and play, already assembled and ready to use.
available wheelsets