How to fix BARTubeless


Thanks to our original repair kit, BARTubeless® can be easily repaired even at home. For example, you can easily replace one or more spokes without compromising the seal. If properly repaired, BARTubeless® retains all sealing performance and durability of the brand new product.

Replacing a spoke

remove the tire

in order to access the rim channel and the BARTubeless®

cut the polymer strip

with a cutter, until a wedge is obtained around the nipple

liberare il nipplo

remove the wedge

thus exposing the nipple: it is now possible to replace the spoke normally

After replacing the spoke, to restore the seal of BARTubeless® proceed with the repair using the kit as shown below:

How to fix BARTubeless®

put on the disposable gloves

a pair is included in the kit

diluente nitro

carefully clean

the surface to be treated with a common nitro diluent

applicare il polimero

apply the polymer

directly from the tube included in the original BARTubeless® Repair Kit to the point to be repaired

After these preliminary operations above, you can choose whether to proceed with the repair using the "patches" includedi in the kit for a faster repair or without the patches, for minor damages:

fixing without "patch"

for minor damages: follow this step

to use the "patch"

included, please skip this step


level the surface

removing the excess material using a spatula or a cutter blade

attendere la polimerizzazione

wait 24 to 48 hours

for the complete polymerization of the product before reassembling the tire.

fixing with "patch"

for larger damages or faster repair: follow this step

applicare la patch

apply the patch

directly on the polymer just applied.

premere la patch

press the patch

until the polymer overflows, then remove the excess material

liberare il nipplo

wait a few hours

when the patch is no longer movable to the touch, it is possible to reassemble the tire


Both with or without patches, the properly repaired BARTubeless® has the same reliability and resistance characteristics as the new product!

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