for BARTubeless® base conversion and conversion bundles

BARTubeless® transformation takes place in our Factory, but we take care to manage the entire round-trip shipment: the wheels will be collected at your address and will be returned once ready. How does the shipping work? It's very easy, let's see it step by step:

  • remove the wheels

    from your bike. Please also remove the tires, the brake discs, the cush drive and the sprocket from the rim. If you do not know how to do it, contact your mechanic or tire specialist.

  • pack the wheels

    to be shipped: if you do not have the packing material, let's ask us for our shipping kit, you will receive everything you need directly at home!

  • send us a message

    when you are ready to ship: we will agree on the date and place of the collection and we will send you the pre-filled label.

  • print and apply the labels

    to the packages: you do not have to do anything else!

  • wait for the courier

    to pick up your wheel at the agreed addres.

  • we apply the BARTubeless®

    in our Factory: it will takes about 7 working days.

  • receive your wheels at home

    once they are ready, via express courier.

  • put the wheels back

    on your bike: if you do not know how to do it, contact your mechanic or tire specialist.

  • enjoy!

    your bike is now ready for new adventures, but tubeless!



Not sure how to pack the wheels? No problem: ask for our customized shipping kit! At the fixed cost of € 15,00 (tax and shipping included) you will receive at home:

  • 1 or 2 boxes (depending on the service requested)
  • self-adhesive packaging tape
  • pre-filled label to be applied to the boxes for shipping (just stick them to the boxes!)
  • the cat is not included!

When you are ready, send us a message and we will send a courier to collect everything!

The round trip shipping includes home collection of your wheels to be converted and the return shipment of the wheels once ready. Please refer to the documents below for info and costs:


info about packaging and shipping



for the home collection service



The wheels must be shipped without brake discs, cush drive and sprocket: we don't need them, they add weight and can get damaged during shipping. Additional charge may apply for shipping of wheels with tires or unnecessary components. We are not responsible for any transport damage.


You can choose from the following payment methods:

wire transfer

no fees


+3,5% fees

terms and conditions

For custom sizes, weights or quantities, oversea shipments and any shipping insurance: please request a quote

  1. If the agreed measures or weights are exceeded, the difference in cost will be applied.
  2. Pursuant to art. 1693 of the Italian Civil Code law we are not responsible for any damage caused by the courier during transport.
  3. The insurance of the shipped goods is an additional service available on request. Even in case of insured shipping, the courier is not liable for damages due to unsuitable packaging
  4. The return of the processed goods is subject to payment of the service. In case of non–payment we will exercise the right to retain the goods in accordance with the art. 2756 of the Italian Civil Code law.
  5. By making the shipment, you fully accept the conditions listed above.