Why BARTubeless® is eco-friendly

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How BARTubeless® can help reduce the amount of waste produced by the motorcycle market.

There are several reasons why BARTubeless® is eco‐friendly. First of all, removing the tube means less waste to be disposed of at the end of the wheel’s life, which can be quantified in 0,8-2 kg of
butyl for each wheel. As in 2018 only about 61,9 million motorcycles were sold worldwide1, and assuming that 46% of these were equipped with spoked wheels (the alloy ones are already tubeless), we’re talking about 43,000 tons2 of non-biodegradable butyl released on the market each year. Of course without counting the already circulating vehichles and the inner tubes sold as spare parts.

BARTubeless® system requires 90% less plastic than a traditional inner tube and, unlike the latter, it does not need to be replaced as it lasts for the entire life of the wheel. Furthermore, the absence of the inner tube leads to less internal friction, therefore an optimal tread footprint and less overheating of the tire (see here): all this results in a longer operating life of the tire, which therefore needs to be replaced less frequently (again: less waste!). In Italy alone we produce 4 million tons of non-recyclable waste per year, consisting only of tires and inner tubes;3 a single air chamber takes about 150 years to decompose. Finally, last but not least, reducing weight and friction reduces fuel consumption and motorcycle emissions.

1 source: Motorcyclesdata

2 roughly assuming an average weight of 1.4 kg per tube.

3 source: rinnovabili.it

Image above: Free-Photos da Pixabay